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Scholarship Recipients

Vacaville Jets “Iceman” Scholarship

The Vacaville Jets nonprofit board is proud to announce the 2023-2024 recipients of the Jets “Iceman” Scholarship. The scholarship is in its inaugural year and is funded by the Vacaville Jets Youth Hockey Organization. This year the scholarship committee has selected Audrey Echevarria and Alex Kish as the winners.

Audrey Echevarria

Audrey is in her fifth season playing for the Jets and is currently on the Jets 12BB team. She started in the “learn to play” program and has progressed to being a force on defense. Audrey is known for being a great teammate and also being very difficult to play against. Audrey embodies everything the “Iceman” Scholarship was created for. She is passionate about hockey and puts in the hard work necessary to compete; all with a great positive attitude. Audrey is a 4.0 student and gives back to the rink as a volunteer at almost every event available. She loves helping in the free hockey & in house programs making those around her better hockey players. Audrey is a great ambassador for the Jets club and is a role model for all youth hockey players. Coach Kody Thomas described her as having “massive confidence, focus, and love for hockey.” Coach Kody also said, “Audrey is a great example for all others, and I think she is the perfect choice to represent the Jets in this scholarship.” Congratulations to her and her family on having outstanding character and thank you for all that you do for our club.

Alex Kish

Alex started playing hockey in the “learn to play” program in Arizona and came to Vacaville in 2020. Alex played in-house and joined the Jets travel program as a Squirt and Pee-Wee. This last season he has played for the Golden State Elite 12AA north team. Alex is known for being a hard worker on the ice, being a considerate teammate, and being a positive role model on his team. He is no stranger to adversity and has overcome injuries over his tenure but worked hard to come back stronger each time. Coach Chris McGrew wrote, “Alex’s dedication to the team and his love for hockey drove him to attend practices and team events even though he knew he would not be able to directly participate.” Alex is a person of great character and is always coachable and a positive leader on the ice. In addition to being a great hockey player, Alex is a 4.0 student, a Boy Scout, volunteers at his local library, plays in his school band, and runs track & cross country. Coach Chris McGrew described Alex as “a great example of hard work and dedication to his sport and his attitude makes him a role model.” Congratulations to him and his family on receiving this scholarship. It is our privilege to recognize you for great character and integrity.